Business Process Services

Our Business Process Services expertise lie in the domains of Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Procurement, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Document Management and several other custom areas.

Business Process Services

Etechaas Business Process Automation Services

Business Process Discovery Services

We analyse the processes (both organization & in applications) whether automated or manual and design the workflow of activities to accomplish the tasks. These activities can be driven by rules, automated or need a human intervention.

Next, we need to identify the dependencies of processes and activities to other processes and activities, organization division heads or executives and external factors. Understanding the outcome and goal of the process is essential as well.

Its essential to standardize processes as well. The deviation might be contra-effective or break other processes. One should endeavour to simplify the process by avoiding complexity pit-falls.
There could be a simpler solution to the complex seeming problem. Even if we are able to simplify by a small percentage the cost savings can be huge. Always weigh the cost of implementing or automating a process to the outcome & cost benefit.
Etechaas Business Process Design Services
With our domain expertise, we assist in fine-tuning high-level processes to detailed steps of tasks. And then we can categorize these steps into applications, customization or integrations.

When we begin analysis, the process are in form of operational or system tasks. We define the behaviour and attributes for the tasks converting to defined activities. Next, we need to orchestrate these activities in order to accomplish the process goal in most efficient and effective manner.

Communicating the business process is an important aspect. The best way is to diagram the process segregating into swim lanes, or

Lastly, we need to validate the process and go over iterations specifaically for simplification, removing redundancy, and learning from similar processes. Needless to say, one must be cautious when approving a particular process, after carefully evaluating the outcomes, impacts and mitigating any risks.

Business Process

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Business Process Automation Services

We find Oracle Integration Cloud as a cost-effective cloud-based integration service. Using OIC we can create and consume REST APIs, and perform other basic orchestration activities. We have deep expertise to design & build integration in OIC.

We use different approaches and integration types like point to point, hub spike model, microservices and data streams. The integration modes can be real time, near-real time or batch mode depending on the need and to balance between cost and process efficiency. Also, we can connect both public and on-prem applications using Oracle Integration Cloud.

In any Integration project, around 10% of effort goes in setting up common aspects of error handling, ensuring proper response codes, appropriate failures vs success of flow based on business errors or technical failures. There could be 10 to 25% of complex integrations in a project. Furthermore for these complex ones, we can write efficient XML translations, and avoid novice way of conditional flow in OIC. This allows specifically for easy maintenance & code modification. All in all, with our expertise, we align integrations to the best capabilities of tool, saving time in modifications, maintenance and monitoring.

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