Enterprise Software Development Services

Employ our Enterprise Software Development Services to build your suite of apps on unified or multiple technologies and platforms. While these orchestrate with each other and execute business process in seamless manner. Furthermore, we build micro-services, progressive apps, modern UI imparting rich user experience, speed and reliability.

etechaas Software Development Services

We have domain expertise on Oracle Cloud ERP, knowledge of industry standards and follow best practices. Consequently you benefit from all of these in your projects, to get quality solutions packaged in our Enterprise Software Development Services.

Furthermore, we also specialize in business process customization, integration across functions, enterprise reporting & analytics, and use cases design.

Enterprise Software Development Services

Software Development Services

We offer our expertise in creating effective & useful applications, with following characteristics.
  • Apt functions for business operations & processes
  • Robust backend to reflect business dimension & provide performance
  • Regular operational reports and analytics for productive business decisions
  • Convenient UX experience to users / shoppers / agents for organization efficiency

While we have deep rooted technology expertise to build robust RESTful / Backend & database applications, UI/UX using latest JavaScript technologies like React.

Mobile / Web Development

With our expertise, you can build applications specifically with best coding standards, modular, well documented, robust and easily maintainable applications. Further we can re-build applications in latest technology platforms.

Data Migration

Most of the times, data migration is tricky which may appear an easy task. So we are here for smooth migration of data between systems, formats, across structures and align with the backend design, processing logic & packaged application constraints or idiosyncrasies.

Backend & API Services

While you can get your backend or RESTful API application built with our extensive experience, placing the business logic at its appropriate place be it Database, Stored Procedures (Oracle / PostgreSQL), Server Cache, Browser Cache or Browser UI / UX.

Scripts & Utilities

In few years of running your business your technical team might realize some backend activities that can be put off into scripts or some common utilities which do not fall directly in your business process. Bring those to us and we can automate or provide what would work best without breaking your data and aligning to your business constraints or override when required.

Custom & Enterprise Applications

Our Expertise in business Process can help design solutions in areas of HR, Procurement, eCommerce, Supply Chain, Inventory or any custom requirement

Supply Chain
  • Ordering & Item Reservation
  • Pick/ Pack, Shipping
  • Customer Billing
  • Payments & Integrations
  • Returns / RMA
  • (Approved) Suppliers Items
  • RFQ & Quotations
  • Requisition & Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Payments & Bank Integrations
Customer Service
  • Customer Management
  • Customer Service Requests
  • RMA & Defect Tracking
  • Repair Management
  • CRM Portals
  • Engineering & BOM
  • Planning (Forecasts, MPS, MRP)
  • Plant Maintenance & Production Control
  • Shop Floor Management
  • Quality & Inspections
  • Physical Inventory
  • Issue & Receive
  • Physical & Logical Locations
  • Inventory Planning
  • Item Costs & Accounting

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