Oracle Integration Cloud Services

We are Specialists in Oracle Cloud Integration Services, having command over the protocols and software languages on which integration platforms are based i.e. HTTP, REST, SOAP, XML & various XML tools.

We have built several Web Services & micro-services in Oracle Integration Cloud Service & popular languages like Java and NodeJS.

Our approach is to perform an exhaustive discovery of existing or new business processes. That is we convert processes to integration design, utilizing patterns and best practices. Furthermore one could make decision between real time vs near real time.

Oracle Integration Cloud Services

On the other hand, we can use batch files, and parking method for improving performance. Sometimes, we have to be careful with large batch files. Regarding Kafka, it might not be good idea to dump large data into topics. So one must align the frequency of consumers with the data produced into Kafka topics, to avoid congestion at the topics.

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Oracle Integration Cloud Overview

We have extensive expertise in integrating various applications using Oracle Integration Cloud. Recently, we integrated Oracle commerce cloud to Oracle EBS using OIC using both OCC & REST Adapter in OIC. Since OIC OCC Adapter might not always support Oracle Commerce endpoints.

We have built complex translations in XSLT for combining data from multiple upstream systems to provide to downstream eCommerce front-end.

Some common use case can be ftp for bulk file processing or async parking batch files to OIC stage. Further, we can process each staged file in separate integration. Most common use case is point to point integrations. Then front-end and other downstream applications can consume these integrations.

We offer end-to-end implementation Services, including design and support. At the same time we provide solution to audit the integration flow instances. Delivering Integrations specifically involve cross functional and cross vendor interactions. We participate and plan these out efficiently.

First of all, we assist in business process study & integration solution design. Next, we identify systems / applications for integration. Consequently, we identify the necessary integration data & touch points.

The integration solution has to be holistic. With this in mind we align the solution to business domain and backend systems like ERP / CRM. For instance the Integration design involves adopting a design pattern, Integration tool and some best practices. Here, our domain expertise in multiple business areas adds value to the integration design.

With our expertise and approach, one can achieve business automation / optimization.

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We find Oracle Integration Cloud as a cost-effective cloud-based integration service. Using OIC we can create and consume REST APIs, and perform other basic orchestration activities. We have deep expertise to design & build integration in OIC.

We use different approaches and integration types like point to point, hub spike model, microservices and data streams. The integration modes can be real time, near-real time or batch mode depending on the need and to balance between cost and process efficiency. Also, we can connect both public and on-prem applications using Oracle Integration Cloud.

In any Integration project, around 10% of effort goes in setting up common aspects of error handling, ensuring proper response codes, appropriate failures vs success of flow based on business errors or technical failures. There could be 10 to 25% of complex integrations in a project. Furthermore for these complex ones, we can write efficient XML translations, and avoid novice way of conditional flow in OIC. This allows specifically for easy maintenance & code modification. All in all, with our expertise, we align integrations to the best capabilities of tool, saving time in modifications, maintenance and monitoring.

We might need to build extensions to Oracle Integration Cloud to monitor, manage and audit the applications. The integration platform is on cloud, and it is important to keep an account of cost factors. So we should ensure regular monitoring of messages and cost units. We all know that cloud applications do not provide DB query access. It specifically becomes client’s responsibility to regularly export summary logs for audit purposes. By doing this, one can safeguard and justify against any cost anomalies.

We develop necessary dashboard & extensions using OIC monitoring REST APIs. These light dashboards can be quickly built. Custom scripts can also be built to monitor provisioned services in Oracle Cloud. Furthermore, we can build insights for real-time reporting driven by metrics and milestones. We can process results across multiple message payloads. One of the examples is tracking Sales Order lifecycle by joining and querying multiple payload runs.

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